Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Hourglass Door Trilogy

A couple years back I wrote a post on a book called The Hourglass Door. Well, I finally bought and finished the trilogy. I have to say, I enjoyed them. I'm glad I bought them because they're going to end up in my rotation of books I read every year or every couple of years. I'm okay with that.

At the end of The Hourglass Door I was completely hanging. Lisa Mangum cut it off at such a point that you know there's more story and you're slightly irritated that you don't have it right there in front of you to continue with. It took me two years to get the remaining books. First, because they weren't written when I read The Hourglass Door and second, because I had a really hard time finding the books, which was strange because the first book they sold in Costco. I picked it up on a grocery shopping trip. Needless to say, I have been wondering what happened to Abby and Dante since I read the first book.

Here's the good part. The first book was good, but it was very young adult. Still, I enjoyed it. It was a good story with a sweet romance. I love that. The second and third books continued on with the romance, but they had more depth to the story. Actually, I think a better way of putting it would be that the knife hanging over the character's heads (metaphor, obviously) was far more drastic. The problem they had to face was huge and complicated for the characters and that greatly improved the storyline. So, I liked two and three even more than I liked the first, and I liked the first one better after reading it a second time around. So that's great!

Anyway, I'm not going to give away the story here. You'll just have to read them! But I will tell you a couple of details:
  • Abby is in high school. She's trying to make choices based on what she wants and not on what everybody expects of her.
  • Dante is Italian. He's trying to make adjustments to a life that was thrown on him by outside sources, a life that no one would ever expect to have.
  • Zo has been put in a situation he's not happy with, but he is determined to twist it into something that gives him unlimited power
  • And last, I hope you like time travel because that's what these books are all about.
Oh, and for those of you who like to get your copies signed by the author, Lisa Mangum is doing a book tour through Salt Lake City and the surrounding areas. I'm sure she'd love it if you showed up.
Here are the Tour Dates