Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Night is Darkest just before Dawn - 2

The phantom wrapped his arms around me, holding my body in a vise-like grip, keeping my arms pinned tightly against my side. My skin trembled against his touch, like it would tear itself into pieces at any moment. Molten pain scorched across my flesh, rippling from his body, filling every ounce of my awareness. The world around me was black, vacant, only his face filled my vision.
The pain moved from the surface of my flesh to the core of my bones. I couldn't hold back the screams of agony that ripped from my throat. I had never imagined my death would be so excruciating. The phantom flinched every time I screamed, but his eyes never left my face.
I became hyper aware of every cell in my body. Each one trembled uncomtrollably, to the point of bursting. Nothing could survive the raw power that racked my body. I would be obliterated.
A faint screech began to fill my ears. It grew louder, pounding against my skull. The pain grew stronger, more intense. My fingers dug into the flesh of my palm. I wanted to curl up in agony, but I was unable to move.
Suddenly the shriek stopped. The pain exploded away from me, out of my body. Within seconds it was gone. The phantom released his death grip and I collapsed onto the wet earth. The cold moisture felt like ice agaist my heated skin. I tried to curl into a ball, to escape the cold, but my muscles wouldn't respond to my brain.
I felt grass tickle my cheek and realized I was no longer in the city.
"Are you all right Kyra?" The phantom asked. He hovered over me, concern etched on his features.
"No." I groaned, "Why do you care? Why don't you just finish what you started?"
He nodded, "You're right. I should." He scooped me up and started running. My body tensed, waiting for the pain that would end my life, but it never came. I felt only the cold air as it whipped through my hair.
So he has another plan for my death, I thought. He'll probably take his time, kill me slowly. I glanced up at his face. He gazed intently forward. His eyes moved as he scanned the forest. He didn't look cruel, but that didn't matter. I'd already felt the pain he could inflict.
I subtly ran my hand along my waist, stopping my palm on the hilt of the knife I had hidden beneath my clothes. My fingers wrapped tightly around it. I wasn't going to die today, not at his hands.
I jerked the knife from its sheath, thrusting it toward him. It touched his flesh and he disappeared. I crashed to the ground, dropping the knife in my fall.
He appeared again standing above me, holding the knife, his eyes blazing. "Don't do that again." He seethed, "You will die without me. Do you want to die?"
"I'm going to die regardless! I would rather choose my death."
"You think I'm going to kill you?"
"You nearly killed me already."
He threw the knife and yanked me to my feet, "Listen Kyra," He hissed, "Either you stay and take your chances with me, or I can guarantee you, you will die. And it won't be a pleasant death. You think you're invisible here, but you're not. You have half the creatures of this world searching for you."
I glared at him, "I'll take my chances with them." I turned away from him and stalked off.
I heard him hiss behind me. "No you won't." He muttered. He rushed up to me and I felt his hand on my neck. An electric current pulsed through his fingers, shivering down my spine. My world went blank.