Thursday, October 30, 2008

Murder - 2

Alex slowly climbed the stairs to the apartment. He clutched a silver locket tightly in one hand, a small doll in the other. He was hoping for a girl. Jenny had wanted the locket he held since she had seen it in the vintage shop window. He'd made up his mind to give it to her for their third anniversary, which was in a week. He had made a small alteration to it, but she would know it was the one she'd seen. He couldn't help smiling in anticipation. Jenny would love it.
Alex turned down the hall toward his apartment and noticed the door was cracked open. Pale yellow light spilled into the dark hall. NO. He thought, NO! She left. I'm too late! He ran down the hall, nearly hysterical. Jenny couldn't have left, she couldn't! He shoved the door open. The apartment was empty, empty and cold without Jenny's warmth. His knees nearly buckled, but he raced through the door, hoping to see her. He'd promised Jenny he would get home in time for their first prenatal, but some idiot side-swiped his car on the way home. He had to wait nearly an hour for the police to show up and do their job.
The only light in the apartment came from a small lamp, which lit up the desk. Jenny's note lay on the desk.
Alex read it, wishing the words weren't for him. The paper was already stained with Jenny's tears. Now his tears mingled with hers. The gifts dropped to the floor as he fell to his knees, heartbroken.
He didn't see the dark figure slip from the bedroom, or feel the blow that took his life.