Monday, September 29, 2008

The Darkness Comes - 4

Here is the fourth section of this story. Bear with me, there is more. If you haven't read the rest of the story, I suggest you read that first. "The Dark of Night", "The Night is Darkest just before Dawn", and "The Battle ensues"

Caden led me through the darkest parts of the city. The blue streaks were not falling here. He moved slowly, cautiously, making sure every move he made was safe.
We came to a corner of the city that had been abandoned. There were no people around, only crumbling buildings and rubble.
Caden reached into his pocket and pulled out a small crystal. He threw it into the air. It hovered above us. Light radiated from the crystal, creating a bright orb with the crystal as the center.
Caden scooped me into his arms and jumped into the orb, grabbing the crystal as it rushed by him. We were falling, plummeting to the earth. The bright light of the crystal was replaced by an eerie, green glow.
Caden hit the ground running, still carrying me. The earth beneath his feet was deep green, and flat as a still lake. There were no trees, no mountains. Nothing but grass. He seemed to fly across the land. I never felt the thud of his feet touching the ground.
In the distance a city rose up like a spire from the land. The city was clearly our destination.
I heard a horrid sucking noise behind me and felt the air rush by my face. When I looked back I saw a black hole open in the sky above us. Dark objects dropped from the opening, landing upright. The stood tall, shrouded with black cloaks. They were the Kaifuri.
"Caden. They're here!" I cried.
Caden glanced back and saw the creatures. "Oh no!" He groaned. He picked up his speed. The landscape flew by in a blur.
Within minutes the sky was filled with gaping holes, all dropping the malevolent creatures. They fanned out behind us, following us. Their eyes gazed out from their cloaks, dark and loathsome.
The Kaifuri did not have the speed of Caden so they slowly fell behind. The city loomed in front of us like a glittering sanctuary. By the time we reached the gates the Kaifuri were no longer in my sights.
Caden did not slow his speed when he entered the city. He raced through the streets, until he came to a tall building. The doors opened as soon as he neared them and he rushed through. A dark-haired man stood waiting inside the entrance.
"Caden," He said enthusiastically, "I've been expecting you!"
Caden stopped in front of him. He released his hold on me, setting me gently on my feet. "Lahuir," He nodded, "I come not for pleasure. The Kaifuri have taken Ja'riel. They have breached the gate between our realms. They are coming for our city."
Lahuir stiffened, "Already?"
"It is so."
"I didn't expect this so soon. What brought them here?"
Caden dropped his eyes, "I fear it was me. I had to save Kyra. It was the only way. I believe they followed me into our realm."
Lahuir's eyes widened, "Kyra?" He turned to me and took my hand, "The key." He whispered, awed.
I stared at him, unable to pull my eyes from his. Caden tightly gripped my free hand.
"Lahuir?" He said, breaking the silence, "What must we do?"
Lahuir's eyes snapped back to Caden's face. "We warn the city. Tell them to prepare. How long do we have?"
"Ten minutes, at most."
He nodded, "They will be ready." He dropped my hand, "Take Kyra to the temple. Prepare her for what must be done." The way he said the words sent chills up my spine. He turned and hurried from the room.
Caden led me into the building, up winding flights of stairs, "Caden?" I whispered, "What do I have to do?"
Caden glanced at me, "I don't know. Only Lahuir knows. All I know is that you must go to the temple. There will be further instructions for us there."

The temple was located at the top of the building. It was bright and open. Huge openings let in streams of sunlight. A man stood in the center of the temple. He wore a gold robe which hung to his feet. His hair was gray, and his skin was leathered with age. He was a sage.
"Welcome Kyra." He said, "I am Ya'shiie. Follow me." He took me to a small room and handed me a simple white gown. "Put this on." He commanded.
I obeyed, slipping off my faded tunic and sliding the gown over my body. My knife remained sheathed at my side, easily accessible.
I followed Ya'shiie back to the main room of the temple. Caden paced the room, impatiently waiting for me. He froze when I walked in, "Kyra." He gasped. His face showed open admiration.
I felt my cheeks flame red.
Caden recovered quickly and looked away, "Have they told you what must be done yet?"
He nodded and crossed the room to my side, "I must go Kyra." He bent and kissed my cheek, "You look beautiful."
The flame returned to my face. He chuckled and walked out.
Ya'shiie watched us. His eyes showed concern. "You must not look at him with those eyes Kyra."
I turned to him, "What eyes?"
"With eyes of love. You and Caden can never be. The lot has fallen on you to save our realms and because of that task you must forget your love for him."
I didn't reply. My love for him? The sage was delusional. I loved no one. I never had. My love was focused on my world and keeping it alive.

I'm sorry. I know this is a terrible place to cut off the story, but I didn't want it to get too long. I promise I'll post the rest soon.