Thursday, October 16, 2008


Whew! I hope you all enjoyed that story! It was originally going to be one post. HAHA! Clearly that didn't happen. As I was writing, the story just grew in my head. I had to speed things up a bit in the story, because it was turning into a novel, and I am not ready to work on a fantasy just yet. But it was fun, writing in the spur of the moment, letting things develop on their own.
There are definitely cons to writing fantasy. It gives you the ability to alter the world to your story. Need another realm? No problem. It's fantasy, anything can happen. Throw it in! Need a magical element? Oh yes! Definitely throw it in! We love that!
It was great, working with that freedom.
But I think I'll do something different next time. Hopefully it'll be a little shorter, but no guarantees. I guess we'll see!
For my readers, what did you think? What genre do you prefer to read, or even write in?

Oh. P.S. Did you love that trailer for Twilight or what? I have to admit, it made me even more excited to see the movie!