Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A New Path

Look at the object. Learn the secrets. The small voice didn't stay small for long. After fleeing the cemetery and screeching onto a street with light, Jenny's fear began to dissipate and logic slowly set in. The creature in the cemetery had been nothing but a man. Her senses had simply been heightened by the dark, the cold, and her own emotions getting the better of her.
Look at the object. Learn the secrets. The thought grew in intensity. Learn the secrets. She glanced onto the seat where she had tossed the object. Glittering in the streetlight was an iron key. The design matched those of keys forged hundreds of years before, but the key itself gleamed as bright as a newly minted quarter.
Jenny parked her car in front of Alicia's apartment, picking the key up and turning it over and over in her hands, looking for any clue that it might reveal. The only thing she learned was that it was very heavy, heavier than it should have been for iron. There were no markings, no engravings. For the cryptic way it had been delivered, Jenny had been sure there would be a cryptic clue somewhere. But there was nothing. Frustrated, Jenny pocketed the key and hurried into Alicia's apartment. The storm was rising in intesity, rain pelted the street, the windows, her bare head as she rushed to the door. It beat on the ceiling, sounding like millions of tiny drummers all trying to out-beat the others. It was going to be a long night.